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Customizability is the ability of a software to offer extensions to existing functionality to better suite the needs of a user. Customizability has many dimensions to it and the way AdvOSS Platforms handle it is explained as follows:



a- Presentation Customizability

All information that is presented to a user needs to be customized to match its presentation to an internal format.

i. Web Page Customization

AdvOSS uses a skin based presentation layer that allows an Operator to customize the look and feel of all web pages including logos, trade marks and layouts. It uses external style sheets to allow easy changing of fonts, colors and sizes by an Operator

ii. Report View Customization

AdvOSS uses iReport; a tool that allows sophisticated customization of reports including skins, layouts, charts, fonts, images, sub-reports and cross tabs. This desktop based tool allows an Operator to design the look of their reports offline and upload their template files that are then used to generate those reports

iii. IVR Customization

All IVRs played are written in abstracted out SCCXML scripts which can be tweaked by the Operator to customize their flow. New menu items on IVR can be added on the fly. AdvOSS offers a sophisticated Service Creation Framework to allow the Operator create their IVR trees


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