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Disaster Recovery is the ability of the software to continue to function when a Disaster occurs. Disasters can be of many types , and AdvOSS Platforms handle them as explained below:



a- Natural Disasters

Natural Disasters would constitute fires, earth quakes, tornadoes or other acts of God. Typically the whole data center is expected to be unavailable for the situation to be called a Natural Disaster. For most competing products moving to a Disaster Recovery site is a process that takes hours of down time.

AdvOSS has matured the technology that can replicate data to a geographically remote location in real-time. For AdvOSS, it is just a switching of clients from the core to the DR site and the DR site is ready with latest data up to the last second when disaster occurs. Typical switch over time to a full DR site is of the order of few minutes if not few seconds.



b- Equipment Disasters

There are times, when the hardware and other equipment would fail beyond the amount of redundancy available in the system. AdvOSS products allow periodic backups to be offloaded to a remote site and they can be restored to a point of time just before the time of disaster.

AdvOSS Clients are specially equipped to facilitate recovering from equipment disasters by writing logs into text files which can be mediated and quickly reapplied in case of recovery from an equipment disaster is pushing things to a point back in time. This is specially true for critical revenue sources like CDRs, Voucher Recharges and other financial transactions.



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