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Efficiency is the ability of the software to do the required processing on least amount of hardware. This is explained below:



a- AMPS based design

AMPS provides one of the most efficient execution ways for a piece of code. Written in C and using the most advanced Asynchronous processing techniques, products built over AMPS usually deliver a throughput of 2x to 3x more than competing C based products and 10x to 20x those of Java and other higher level programming languages based products. All of AdvOSS Switching and AAA Range of products enjoy this high level of efficiency as they are all based on AMPS



b- Database Architectures

AdvOSS divides Database processing into separate OLTP and OLAP servers. This allows the OLTP Server to be light weight and run very efficiently. It is typical to be able to do all the transaction processing of up to a million subscribers with a single OLTP Server. OLAP Servers are also divided into two layers. The master servers do all the summary processing and the data along with all the calculated summaries is then replicated to all slave servers making the slave server available for further processing efficiently.


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