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Extensibility is the ability of the software to be extended beyond the functionality of the original product. AdvOSS uses its technology and architectures in multiple ways to make sure its products remain extensible where required. This is explained below:




All of the Switching and AAA range of products as well as few of the Billing / OSS products are built on top of AMPS. AMPS is undergoing continuous development and this architecture allows all new functionality in AMPS to be available to all the products.



b- Work Flow Layers

The Work Flow available in all Switching, AAA and Billing Product ranges allow an Operator to extend the functionality coming out of the box. Simple scripting in sccxml or other supported work flow languages, allow unlimited extensibility



c- Hooks

Deep within the transactions, AdvOSS products provide hooks at all places where new algorithms, rules or work flows may be required to be extended later by the Operator. Any arbitrary extension can be made to the products using these custom programmable hooks.



d- Product Extensibility

Another aspect of extensibility is adding new products. Since all AdvOSS products work against the same information and data model, extending a new product is a seamless experience. When addition of a third party product is needed, AdvOSS Provisioning Engine and its work flow layers provide easy ways to extend.



e- Unified GUI Portals

Each of the GUI portals offered by AdvOSS are modular and allows any product to drop in its menus within the same GUI portal. The GUI is then extended supporting new menu items while still keeping the same security framework in place.



f- Customized Reporting

It's a known that Operators have insatiable appetite for new reports. AdvOSS OLAP Servers allow Operators to extend new reports without effecting the master OLTP Servers. In addition, AdvOSS Support Jasper Reports that gives an intuitive interface to the Operator to write new reports as needed.


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