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Flexibility is the ability of a software to adapt when external changes occur. It has many dimensions to it and the way AdvOSS Platforms handle it is explained below:



a- Hardware Flexibility

All AdvOSS Products run on COTS (Common Off the Shelf Servers). This gives an operator the flexibility to put any hardware that it wants as long as it is complying to required specifications .



b- Operating System Flexibility

All AdvOSS Products run on a variety of Linux flavors. This gives an operator the flexibility to choose an Operating System for which it may already have in-house expertise.



c- Database Flexibility

AdvOSS products are usually available on at least two common databases; MySQL and Oracle. Operators can choose the database they want and can even choose a mix and match e.g. using MySQL for OLTP servers and Oracle for OLAP servers



d- Process Flexibility

AdvOSS implements all processes on abstracted out work flow layers. Operator has the flexibility to change or tweak those work flows to his needs.



e- Deployment Flexibility

AdvOSS offers multiple deployment scenarios for its products. These deployment scenarios are created to give Operators the flexibility to match the deployment with their rest of the network and system.


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