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High Availability is the measure of the quality of a software to keep functioning in spite of problems. Since the 'problems' can be of many types, different technologies work in tandem to achieve high availability for the overall system. High Availability is achieved through many means as discussed bellow.



a- Architectural Means

Following are the architectural means through which we achieve high availability:

i. Multimaster Databases

All AdvOSS Databases can be replicated in real-time in multi-master mode. This allows the facilitation in the architecture for any high availability system to use in case the primary or the master database cannot be connected to.Further details of this architecture are available at Multimaster Databases




b- Technological Means

Following are the technological means through which we achieve high availability:

i. AdvOSS Heart-Beat

AdvOSS Heart-Beat allows one system to become a hot standby for the other. Working on a combination of Virtual / Physical IPs and a heart-beat monitoring system, Heart-Beat Framework allows the hot standby server to assume the Virtual IP to which all the Clients are connected. This coupled with proprietary state management technology in each product allows the transition to be seamless for the Client who continues to get the Service without interruption. AdvOSS uses its Heart-Beat Framework to provide high availability on the dispatchers.Further details are available at AdvOSS Heart-Beat


ii. Primary – Secondary Connections

AdvOSS clients are designed to be able to connect to secondary sources if primary sources are not accessible. This technology along with real-time replication of the data allows a High Availability mechanism whose availability is only dependent on the amount of redundancy in the system.Further details are available at Primary-Secondary Connections.


iii. AdvOSS Packet Router

AdvOSS products utilise the Advoss Packet Router technology and work on a Dispatcher / Server model where the Dispatcher distributes work on the Serving nodes. In addition to load balancing, it has high availability benefits as well because when a Serving node goes down, the Dispatcher fails over the load to the remaining Serving nodes without the Clients even knowing the change.Further details are available at AdvOSS Packet Router.


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