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Maintainability is the ability of a software to adapt to changes, improve over time, correct any bugs and be proactively fixed through preventive maintenance.

AdvOSS facilitates maintainability of products in many ways as explained below:



a- Monitoring Agents

AdvOSS Products offer monitoring agents within each product that allows any standards compliance manager to monitor them in real-time. They also throw alerts that can be trapped by a manager. Allows the Operator to proactively fix many of the problems.



b- Modular Code

All AdvOSS Code is clearly divided into modules which are cohesive and almost decoupled from the rest of the system. This allows that single module to be upgraded without effecting the rest of the system.



c- GUI Based Configurations

Most of AdvOSS products offer GUI based configuration changes. This allows the Operator to maintain the product easily as network and other systems are undergoing changes.



d- Unified Error Reporting Framework

All AdvOSS Products stick to a unified error reporting framework. Each error is unique across time and space and therefore uniquely identifies the underlying problem. Errors come pre classified to attract the attention of the correct role that deals with such errors. This unique error handling feature goes a long way in easy maintenance of the product over time.



e- Traces and Logs

AdvOSS Products allow the Maintenance Engineer to turn on different traces and logs at maintenance time that give deeper insight into the code and allows him to fix problems quickly.



f- Redundant Hardware

Redundancy is specially designed to allow the maintenance engineer to isolate a machine from the rest of the system for more detailed debugging. Once done, the machine is put back into the live system.



g- Documentation

AdvOSS offers detailed SoPs, Acceptance Test Documents and short videos to allow the maintenance engineer to follow the given guidelines to achieve his maintenance tasks.



h- Staging Servers

AdvOSS deployment strategies always support a Staging Server, The Staging Server is a live server getting live data from the master servers


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