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Manageability is the ability of a software to be managed from different perspectives. Some of them are explained below:



a- Operational Manageability

Operational Manageability is about the ability to manage the product from the perspective of the team running the Operations.

i. Bulk Procedures

In addition to a user friendly GUI, AdvOSS Products work behind a Provisioning Layer. Amongst other things, the Provisioning Layer offer the ability to call any underlying API or Work Flow in Bulk. Ability to run a Bulk script is usually the quickest way to manage an emerging situation.

ii. Roll Back Procedures

Most of the AdvOSS Transactional APIs offer the ability to Rollback the original Transaction. This allows an Operator to simply Rollback if required any damage that was done for whatever reason. The RollBack procedures also allow delayed rollbacks which can be done much later (in fact as late as is possible to rollback). In places where Delayed RollBack procedures are not available for some network elements, AdvOSS Provisioning Engine offers a Transactional Layer that provides innovative ways for rolling back any work done on the network. All this offers the Operator a simple interface where he is able to RollBack things without even knowing the details of actual Rollback.



b- Monitoring Manageability

Monitoring Manageability is about the ability of the software to be continuously monitored for key aspects in real-time and for the monitor to do critical management over the same Monitoring interface available to him. AdvOSS products offer built-in SNMP agents that provide the ability to an Operator to not only Monitor their function but also manage things from the same interface when required.



c- Integration Manageability

Integration manageability is the ability to integrate with third party systems. AdvOSS Products expose the same XML based APIs as called from its own GUI to all third party applications making is easy to integrate with any other system. If required AdvOSS Groovy and Grails components can expose the same APIs over JSON or other methods



d- Information Manageability

Information Manageability is about the management of information and data in heterogeneous environments. All AdvOSS products share the same base Information and Data model making addition to new products a breeze and management of information to be done against a single unified model for all products


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