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Usability is the ability of a software to offer its interfaces in a user friendly and elegant way. Usability has many dimensions to it , and AdvOSS platforms handle them as explained below:



a- User Friendliness of GUI

AdvOSS uses two types of user interfaces. For all fixed menus, the GUI is hand crafted using advanced web 2.0 techniques making extensive use of Asynchronous calls. For all extended work flows, AdvOSS offers advanced XUI (XML User Interface) based controls to allow Operators to create highly usable GUIs for their own created work flows



b- Response Time of Requests

AdvOSS uses multiple approaches to minimize the latency for all requests

i. Parallel Processing

All AdvOSS work flow engines (xproc, sccxml) are crafted to execute multiple requests in parallel if their nature allows it. This ensures

ii. Read Servers

AdvOSS GUI maintains separate connections to databases for Read and Write operations. For any larger operator, the reads are directed to dedicated read servers instead of write servers and are therefore mostly immune from heavy processing that might be going on in some write servers.



c- Use Case Completion

It is important for the User Interface to provide support for complete use cases of a user. AdvOSS offer a feature rich GUI in the first place. The availability of Work Flow layer on top of the Application layer ensures, that the Operator can add support for use cases not found out of the box.



d- Learnability

Users learn how to use the product over time. But their initial learning curve can be prohibitive and needs extra support. AdvOSS offers content sensitive in-line help on all menu items where the user may find difficulty initially.


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