AdvOSS VAS Delivery Platform is a complete system for enabling CSPs (Communication Service Providers) to provide all types of value added services. It includes infrastructure components for Voice, Video, SMS and other protocols. It comes with a bundle of Value Added Services out of the box and includes a Service Creation Environment that provides a simple JavaScript based API to create new services.

AdvOSS provides the API and complete training to the operators’ IT personnel and our local partners to be able to create their new services on their own.

VAS Delivery Platform needs to be integrated once with the operator’s rest of the network and once commissioned, new VAS can be created and put into production very rapidly

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VAS Delivery Platform Modules

  • IMS Core
    • Serving CSCF
    • Interrogating CSCF
    • Proxy CSCF
  • SIP Server
  • Media Server
  • SMPP Server
  • USSD Connector
  • Radius Client
  • Diameter Client
  • Centralized Routing Server / BGCF
    • Number Portability Lookups
    • LCR Lookup
    • Vendor Trunk Reachability Monitoring
  • SIP Registrar
  • SIP Proxy
  • Service Creation Environment
  • Service Execution Environment

Session Border Controller

  • Peering SBC / IBCF
    • Routing Server Lookup
    • Access Registrar Lookup
    • DNS / ENUM Lookups
    • LCR Lookup
    • Terminator specific protocol changes
    • Terminator specific tech prefixes
    • Terminator specific error code neutralization
  • Access SBC
    • NAT Traversal
    • SIP Firewall
    • IFC evaluation
    • Registrar Pass-thru

List of Application Servers

  • CRBT (Caller Ring Back Tones)
  • IP-PBX
  • Campaign Management System
  • Mobile Polling
  • VoBB
  • Calling Card/ Prepaid IVR
  • SMS Aggregator
  • Many others in road-map

Typical Integrations

  • HLR for subscriber provisioning
  • MSC for call control
  • SMSC for incoming and outgoing SMS
  • OCS for balance deductions
  • NMS for monitoring and management


SIP Server

  • 250 calls per second per core

Media Server

  • 250 media sessions per core without transcoding
  • 25 media sessions per core with transcoding

SMPP Server

  • 125 SMS Messages per second per core

Minimal Deployment: Two Servers 1 + 1 redundant
Typical Deployment: Four Servers 1 + 1 redundant including monitoring, management and hot-standby


Additional one server needed for:

  • 1000 calls per second

Other compatible solutions:


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