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AdvOSS VOMS (Voucher Management System) AdvOSS Voucher Management System enables a Service Provider to use pins as payment vouchers. It provides a highly secure mechanism of pin generation and then full life cycle of the pin including activation, selling, redemption and purging, Supports scratch cards and dispensable pins. Allows resellers to generate their own pins. Provides integration with different payment terminals. Generates real-time detailed reports for business intelligence.
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VOMS is an integral part of all prepaid systems and is also used extensively in areas where other online methods of payment processing are not yet feasible. Prepaid Vouchers remain the dominant model of payment collection for operators worldwide.
AdvOSS VOMS comes with complete voucher life cycle management and can be integrated with franchisee management systems.

AdvOSS VOMS architecture is based on open APIs and hence can be easily integrated with other B/OSS products to build larger solutions. AdvOSS has a range of B/OSS products in its portfolio with which AdvOSS VOMS comes pre-integrated as part of AdvOSS Solutions.

Other Industry Names for This Product:

  • Recharge Management System/Software
  • eVoucher Management
  • Prepaid Cards Management
  • Scratch Card PIN Management
  • Scratch Card Generation system
  • Voucher Redemption system
  • Dispensable PINs

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