AAA & Policy Management Whitepapers

Mobile Voice Off-Load

This white paper describes an important emerging use case for mobile operators that offloading of voice traffic over a companion Wi-Fi network. Download Now!

Role of SDP in Service Management

This white paper describes the basics of what Service Management is for new generation of CSPs and highlights the need on why a CSPs Service Management strategy should be built on top of a Service Delivery Platform. Download Now!

AAA Authentication: New Use Cases

Modern AAA solutions have seen the scope of Authentication broadened into many dimensions serving multiple other business interests. In this whitepaper, we will explore the new and emerging use cases for Authentication that are becoming critical business requirements in next generation telecommunication networks. Download Now!

AAA Authorization: New Use Cases

New generation AAA Servers are now expected to do lot more than integrate with Charging Engine and authorize pre-paid credit. In this whitepaper, we present some new representative business use cases that require support via the Authorization feature in new generation AAA platforms.
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Bandwidth Management: New Use Cases

This white paper discusses some of the latest trends and techniques used for Bandwidth Management in the context of AAA servers. Typically these techniques apply to wireless links but are by and large applicable to wired broadband networks as well. Download Now!

Policy Management

The Policy Manager is the nerve center of a modern Service Management Platform that enables advanced and complex service management scenarios and use cases; these scenarios in turn enable key service differentiation and revenue generation capabilities for CSPs. In this whitepaper, we describe some of these new business use cases enabled by policy control. Download Now!

AdvOSS AAA Workflows

A modern AAA system requires implementing complex service logic for Authentication, Authorization and Accounting tasks. Download Now!

Mobile Data offload

Mobile Data Offload allows a cellular mobile operator to offload some of its data and voice traffic off its Radio Access Network (RAN) onto complementary network technologies.
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Franchisee Sales Network

Next generation of IP based service providers now have a global service foot print. Most new services are totally access agnostic and allows anyone connected to Internet to potentially use these services. Some of these services include VoIP, Enterprise PBX, IPTV, VoD, Network Gaming, Web Hosting, Application Hosting, Cloud Computing, IM, Collaboration and so many more. Download Now!

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