Key Differentiators / Why AdvOSS:



Complete Pre-integrated : Pre-configured solutions:

AdvOSS offers a broad assortment of software ranging from communication solutions to billing products. With AdvOSS customers have the luxury of purchasing a pre-integrated and pre-configured solution. AdvOSS communication software are pre-integrated and pre-configured with its own Billing solutions, Mediation software, Soft switch, Application Servers, Least cost routers & others. Our Software are also tested and configured even with other leading vendors.




AdvOSS offers diverse range of Next Generation & IMS compliant telecom billing and OSS solutions at an exceedingly affordable price. AdvOSS solutions include most up-to-date features required in the communication and billing industry.



IMS Compliant Solutions:

AdvOSS takes into consideration the current and future trends of communication and billing industry. As the communication world moves swiftly towards IP Multimedia System, AdvOSS embraces the trend by making all its products and solutions IMS compliant.



Low TCO, Maximizing ROI:

AdvOSS believes in providing computable return on investment and lower Total Cost of Ownership. With AdvOSS software the TCO is considerably less than other solutions. This includes one time payment for software, deployment and training charges etc. Our software design and its compatibility makes sure that our customers can run our software with the most cost effective operating systems and databases available in the market.

AdvOSS believes in providing clear and end-to-end visibility to its user. Having knowledge of full working of the system is of great importance to any management so that well informed business decisions can be made. AdvOSS provides means to its customers to maximize return on investment.



Rapid Deployment:

AdvOSS solutions can be rapidly deployed. Most of AdvOSS software are ready-made, off-the-shelf solutions. This makes sure that the client systems can swiftly be in Up and Running position.



Faster Time to Market:

AdvOSS gives great importance to achieving quick Time to Market. Our highly flexible software and intelligent Service Development platform allows our customers to quickly bring to market the latest features that they wish to offer.



Onsite Training & Deployment:

AdvOSS takes great pride in providing onsite training and deployment services to its customers anywhere on demand. We believe in helping our customers to smoothly install and setup our software. Our staff members provide step by step training for system migration and integration. A technical Overview of the complete system is provided to help customer grasp the complete design of the system.




In the rapidly advancing IT world scalability has become one of the most important features of software. AdvOSS gives utmost importance to this facet of software. AdvOSS offers software that can swiftly grow from handling a small number of subscribers to a million subscribers. The distributed architecture of the software allows customer to add devices to their system seamlessly that facilitates load balancing and scalability.


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